Finance is a language in itself and can be complicated enough in English. The challenge of clear financial translation is best tackled by individuals who have in depth knowledge of not just finance, but specific niches within finance, no matter what language the client requests. Typical financial documents include financial statements, shareholders’ agreements, corporate minutes, investment proposals, underwriting agreements, future contracts, prospectuses, insurance policies and claims, fund factsheets and more.

TG specialist financial translation benefits

  • Expert Financial Translators
    TG financial translators are financial experts who have mastered the style and terminology of the sector. LC financial translators are also well informed about current affairs, up- to- date in their knowledge of the industry and take a specialist course if necessary. These experts understand the close interaction between financial and legal worlds, so, for instance, you’ll have the word “provisions” in certain countries, and in certain other the equivalent financial term is “reserves”
  • Glossary and translation memory
    For large and long- term projects, LC develops client specific glossaries which ensures a fast, accurate and cost- effective service
  • Confidentiality
    We understand your confidentiality requirements and routinely sign non- disclosure agreements

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